Channeling Stocks


Larry P. — Suffolk VA
“NO complaints. I LOVE you guys and have been with you for years. I bough lifetime last year. I am at 91% over the last 12 months…up$26K.”

Carl A. Brotman, Maryland
Took a May 29 option call on RAD recently listed by
Channeling . Went in the money first day ($13.50) . Option up for me
40.58% . Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Carl B Joppa, Maryland
On 02/25 I took a Mar 20 Put on HQY for a cost of $360.67 and Sold it Today 02/28 for $1129.31 well over 100% profit . I got the HQY from my weekly stock information from .

Dave I. – Fairfield, CA
“I had started my subscription on a month to month basis back in March. I just upgraded to a yearly subscription based upon the incredible performance I have experienced. Started with a $30,000 “gambling fund” and I just closed out today at over $39,000 in just 6 months. Thanks, I’ll recommend you to all my friends. I must also add that I am a rather conservative trader and intend to stay that way.”

Ankita J. – Edison NJ
“Just wanted to say Thanks to At least there is something on the net that is finally not a scam ! All you need is their guidance and your sense. By putting less than 1hr per week, you can really acheive your investment objectives. I started in May 2003 after about 5 months I have made $1,700, over an investment of less than $5,000 at any given time. You don’t believe me then try for 1 month. Just do the paper trade by creating a virtual portfolio and see the result. (I’m) sure you will switch to yearly subscription. Once again, Thanks & team.”

Tony C. – Dayton, OH
“I have been using your service since April of this year. I have made 7% or greater every month. 15% in September and 12% so far in October. I would like to update my subscription from monthly to yearly. Keep up the good work. The best service I have ever used.”

Bal S. – Union City, CA
“Folks, let me tell you I have done really great using your service. This too in a market that was all but flat for most part of how long I have been a member, that’s little over a year. I have doubled my money without having sleepless nights. I am a convert. Keep up the good work. Thanks.”

John C. – Jacksonville, FL
“I signed up … for a years subscription. I have been trading a long time, but thought you guys were a waste of time. Then I thought maybe the research might be worth the price of the subscription. I spent yesterday using the … research you provide. I bought some stocks before the close of the day yesterday. Today I sold three of them and made $6,878.00. A return of 27.7%. They all three did well but one went nuts. I know that is not going to happen all the time but once is enough to cover my subscription for a loooong time. Your research is REALLY good, your picks seem to be well researched, and they cover a nice price range for all types of investors. Forgive me for judging you before looking into your system. You really do provide a great service for a great price for the novice or experienced investor. Thanks.”

Kevin M. – Charlotte, NC
“Hello, I just wanted to drop a line to say that I really like your site. There are many stock sites out there … But your site is the first one I’ve ever come across that is pure quality: you do a great job finding the small handful of true stocks that are ready to trade NOW. The snapshot charts allow me to quickly see if a pattern looks attractive to me. Of course I was skeptical — just another stock site; but I’ve decided to become a subscriber and looking forward to many more weeks of great picks. Thanks.”

Jennifer L. – Atlanta, GA
“I can’t believe all the info you give for less than $15 a month. I’ve subscribed to other services that were almost three times as much every month and you give better information than all of them.”

Louis N. – Evanston, IL
“Good work, thanks a lot.”

Theresa E. – San Diego, CA
“I am very excited about your company as I have been researching stocks for quite some time and have not found a company with which I feel comfortable until I reached your web site.”

Andy H. – Buffalo, NY
“Thanks for the quick response to my research request. The links you provided are now saved in my computer for me to use in the future. Good Job.”

Ben B. – Chicago, IL
“Super picks! The first week on your site I bought and made a healthy profit and you’ve got one satisfied customer.”

Margaret S. – Miami, FL
“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your quick response to my questions. I have never had such good customer service anywhere else on the internet. Thank you so much.”

James T. – Kirkwood, MO
“I tried this channeling (theory) about 40 years ago – it still works!”

Gary P. – Ogden, UT
“…. and being a busy person, your site is perfect as it shows me the stocks ready to move NOW. Great selections without wasting my time.”

Ron O. – Monte Sereno, CA
“Hi… I have subscribed to your service for the past 2 months and would like to thank you for an outstanding service. Great site and easy to use. Thank you for your help… keep up the good work.”

Walter K. – Laurel, MD
“Just closed out … bought @ $5.50 – sold @ $6.60. 1000 shares. Profit of $1,000.00 in 2 weeks! Paid my mortgage this month! You were right – don’t get greedy – know your exit. Works in this tough market! Keep up the good work!!!”

Eugene B. – Fullerton, CA
“Please keep me on board. My check … to follow shortly. Great service, by the way – we have made close to $2,000 in three months paper trading with about 20 stocks (100 shares/buy, all under $10 but one, and that one $11.125), with a total commitment at any given time not exceeding $4,500. Now on the learning curve with rolling options. Thanks!”

Joe F. – Portsmouth, Va
“I’ve been trading, on a limited basis, for about 4 years. Couldn’t seem to get in the right pattern with some of my trades. I’ve been a subscriber for two weeks and have watched your selections intensely, missed some wonderful opportunities while getting use to your patterns and finally trapped one against the wall. Bought for 4.13 and sold at 5.10. A very nice profit for so little time. You guys are amazing. I’m telling all my friends about your service.”

Mike S. – Valley City, UT
“Your website is one of the best investments I have made. Thank-you.”

Leslie T. – Richfield, MN
“I just returned from a trip to Alaska and on the flight I met a business man who told me how bad he was doing on the market. I told him I was doing great by using your channeling system. He was very interested and will give you a call.”

Sincerely, Robert T. – Saco, ME
“I have been doing this for 4 years…. but, I got stumbled by the lack of places to find stocks that had that beautiful pattern. From what I have seen so far, YOUR selections are the best patterns I have come across as of yet. Hell, If you can supply a selection as good as the recent ones on a regular basis, I will be using your services forever! SO FAR, I am delighted that your site is available. And I will tell many people.”

Peter S. – Point Lookout, NY
“Your website saves me the exhaustive work of finding what you give me for a few dollars a month. Not bad. Thank you.”

James B. – Indianapolis, IN
“ provides a great service. I just sold a stock that I held for a whopping 4 days and made 31% profit on it and that’s after I deducted the broker commissions. FOUR DAYS! This is my third buy and the previous 2 buys netted me over 20% profit on each in just a few weeks . Keep up the good work.”

Pamela R. – Bristol, TN
“Thanks so much for having an under-a-dollar stock and several and THREE under $5.00 stocks! A range of those kinds of picks are so appreciated by investors like us who don’t have the large funds to make higher priced stocks (even $10.00) worthwhile! Please keep this range in mind! Thanks!”

Nevil S. – Tampa, FL
“During the last couple of weeks I have been using executing the Channeling Stocks short/put picks and I have made money with each and every one of them. I would like you to increase the number of short/put picks.”

Paul E. – St. Ann, MO
“My first week will be impossible to top. Thanks. WOW!”

Michael F. – San Jose, CA
“Thanks!!! You are Great. I’ve never had such a responsive and responsible interaction with any of my experiences on the web.”

Zelpha L. – Eureka Springs, AK
“Hey I appreciate finding your web site. I’ve been channeling successfully now for 2 years but, as you know, it takes lots and lots of research to find those “good” stocks that “bounce”. I’m excited to be a new subscriber.”

Douglas M. – Sunbury, OH
“I just recently became a member of channeling stocks. I can’t possibly thank you enough for the service you are providing. Combining your picks with just a few hours of my own research has literally increased my success ten fold. While not every stock is a winner for my system, it’s damn close. Keep up the great work!”

Brian D. – Alberta, Canada
“I just wanted to tell you how much I like your service. The flexibility and lack of pretence in your system – or non-system if you will – make it a refreshing change from other investing sites. Keep it up and thank you.”

Kerry K. – Phoenix, AZ
“So far I am impressed! Signed up about two weeks ago, and closed my first trade yesterday for a profit of $418.48. I have explained your program to a few of my friends. They were all very interested”

Dean B. – North Huntington, PA
“Your Thank You note shows good customer service and class, both of which are in very short supply in today’s world. I previously subscribed to your service and found that, by and large, it worked. I use your recommendations and do some further sorting of my own and have had very good results. Believe me, you cannot stress the importance of Stop Loss orders too strongly. This is the hardest discipline to learn and, sometimes the most frustrating, but I would urge every investor to ALWAYS HAVE A STOP in place. It may create some losses, but you will still be investing when the big gainer comes around.”

Jerry M. – Smock, PA
“Am a new subscriber, have been practicing up a storm. I admire your site for encouraging practicing and your tone of not being greedy. It is refreshing”

John C. – Huntsville, TX
“I’ve been using Channeling Stocks for 2 months now. I also started using (***) 2 weeks ago. My record with (***) is 6 gains, 11losses and 3 break-evens for a total LOSS of nearly $10,000. In the same time, using Channeling Stocks I’ve had 7 gains, 1 loss and 4 break-evens for a total GAIN of over $4500. I’m sold! I’d like to change my subscription from month-to-month to annual.”

Editor Note – We have left out the company name John referenced.

Jim S. – Bishop, CA
“Great site! Your picks have some real gems. From there I plan to narrow down my target list by studying the fundamentals of each company. YOU HAVE SAVED ME A HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME!”

Joshua C. – Hamilton, ONT
“Your site as stated is super, the best…you have volume, prices ranges for all, and they all channel, over and over, great stuff. Did $1000USD for 2 days, that’s $1500CDN minus fees and tax wow! – Thanks again. I love you guys!”

Dick W. – Sarasota, FL
I am a new subscriber… and have earned $2000 …. very quickly. Looking forward to a long, profitable relationship. Please keep up your good research work for us. Have a wonderful weekend.”

Michael M. – Tulsa, OK
“I have been a Channeling Stocks subscriber since November of 2002. Combining your picks with my own screening, I have been earning an annualized return on my money of 32.04% on your stock picks alone! I have not written sooner because I was waiting for the bottom to fall out like it usually does in the stock market. It didn’t and I am now an annual subscriber and a true believer. I hesitate to recommend your service too highly because I’d love to keep this secret for myself. But I also need for you guys to make it so you can keep sending me these great picks. Feel free to use my testimonial and let’s try not to kill the goose that lays these golden eggs any time soon.”

Brent C. – Mequon, WI
“I have been looking for a site that would allow me to enhance my trading. is it! I combine your picks with my own research, and have found at least 4 stocks per week that I’d buy. I have made enough in the first two weeks to pay for my subscription for five years! I just switched from a monthly to a yearly subscription. Thanks again.”

John C. – Kalamzoo, MI
“I just want to add to your growing list of kudos. I’ve been a member since the beginning of 2003 and have remarkable results over the last five months. I’ve been investing for 15 years and I have never been this successful before. I have two portfolios .. I am up $5,500 in one account. That’s 14 trades with only 3 losses. The other account is now up nearly $4,600. I’ve only had 3 losses in 20 trades and two of those are because of ‘stop loss’ orders that, if not executed, would have eventually made good money. Doing the math, I’m up 11.5% in 5 months. It’s like clock work. That’s a 27.5% annual rate. In this tough market that is remarkable. Thank you for your great work. I think I’m hooked for life.”

Ed D. – Westerville, OH
“I just wanted to pass on the success I have had. I started out in March with $2700. I made a rule to only trade 100 shares per investment and to only purchase stocks below $10. So my approach has been very conservative with neglible risk, and with a narrow profit margin. I am still learning the fundamentals of short term trading. However, by following your charts and only purchasing a stock when support has been met, even with my restrictive approach, I have had one losing trade and 10 winning trades. My account is now $3500, so I’ve earned nearly 30% in four months. This nickel and dime approach may not suit those that want to win big, but with a slow and steady approach like this, I project my account could grow to as much as $360,000 in seven years. That works fine for me and your charts have been a good fit for my conservative investment approach. Thank you.”

Rob L. – Carlsbad, CA
“I Just wanted to thank you for going the extra mile and looking that up for me. I’ve been using your service for three or four years and just got a little sloppy. Sold out of the stock on December 13 and netted $19,008.94….Thanks again for providing such a great service and oh, Happy New Years!!!”

(*Note* – The first reference is for a research request he had made of us)

Mike F. – Baldwinsville, NY
“I’ve only been with you for 3 weeks but so far, so good and I appreciate it. Thanks and you can use me for an endorsement.”

Don H. – Wichita, KS
“Thanks to Channeling Stocks I netted over $ 1,000 last month – Part Time!”

Wendell B. – Pasadena, TX
“How are people leaving testimonials? I would like to leave one but see no link. I have been paper trading starting with $40,000. So far I am 14 and 1 and at $120,000 approximately (4 months). The one loss was a short and only .16/share. Saw it coming bust didn’t react in time. Great charts. Saves me tons of time. I usually use one to three per week (of the 12 listed every week). I use my own criteria to make pics/buys/sales.”

Robert C. – Blair, NE
“I am very pleased with your service. So far I am 7-0-1 with the stocks you’ve helped me select!”

Don M. – Visalia, CA
“I first (heard) of you on CNBC several months ago – finally got around to give it a try – made $600 on my first buy and am well ahead on 2 others – looks like I will be a long term subscriber.”

Rich F. Bullhead City AZ
“I started with Channeling in November 2011 and have been able to use 5 of your channeling suggestions since. (***), (***),(***) and (***) presently (***). So far I have profited over $13,000 with never more than $8000 invested. The return rate has been as high as 45% in less than 2 weeks. Thanks Again and keep it up!”

Ramon K.

“Just so you know:  I have made 19 successful trades in a row since I

joined last May (about 1 per week).  Some weeks I pass on the 6 put recommendations. Other weeks I might use one or two
of the recommendations.  I may just be lucky, but I do like the service a LOT! Thanks again for your help and to”


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