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Buy and Sell the Same Stocks Again & Again !

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What is Channeling  all about? 

Channeling stocks are stocks that trade within a certain range between high and low price points for a period of time and may become predictable over time.

Channeling provides stock charts each week for our members.  Our service monitors stocks and identifies those that trade in a channel.  We provide a series of these channeling stocks each week for our members.  Here is a classic example of a Channeling Stock. Instead of the old stock market theory of buy and hold, we see an opportunity to buy and sell over and over again.  

  How It Works

A real life example that our Members saw on June 26, 2014

Based on the past movements - where would you think the price is going to go next? If you said it up, take a look:


Looking at the chart, how many times could you have bought and sold just this one stock over and over again? For more details on how this trading strategy works, click here and go to our Basic Channeling Concepts page.  


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Here's an example of Buy Low - Sell High, Again and Again. 

The first move at 46% and then the opportunity for ANOTHER 51%


Our Members saw on November 21, 2013


Research EGLE
Support $2.75
Resistance $4.10+


Updated as of Dec. 5, 2013 = 46% GAIN


Research EGLE
Support $2.75
Resistance $4.10+

Our Members saw AGAIN on Dec. 12, 2013


Research EGLE
Support $2.75
Resistance $4.10+


Updated as of Dec. 31, 2013 = 51% GAIN


Research EGLE
Support $2.75
Resistance $4.10+

No matter what the overall market condition is - we will ALWAYS find you stocks in a channeling pattern.

For over 10 years we have been a trusted partner for our Members locating stocks just this. How about you?

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What are some of our customers saying ?

Received January 2012: I started with Channeling in November 2011 and have been able to use 5 of your channeling suggestions since.  (***), (***),(***) and (***) presently (***).  So far I have profited over $13,000 with never more than $8000 invested.  The return rate has been as high as 45% in less than 2 weeks.  Thanks Again and keep it up !!!
Rich F. Bullhead City AZ 
*** Editor Note: Symbols Blocked Out ***

"I have been with you for some time now.  I bought my first stock from your list.  Today I sold it for a nice tidy 15% profit.  Your strategy of taking frequent, small profits aligns perfectly with my own, I just had a hard time locating good picks.  But now that I discovered your service, I am off and running!  Thank you.  TPM - Urbana IL."

" Your weekly stock ideas are excellent and your suggested support and resistance levels are accurate.  Your (information) in conjunction with daily Japanese candlestick confirmations provides me with a great road map for consistently good swing trades.  Also, many of the past weeks' stocks continue to channel and remain stocks to watch for future entries long and short...great job and thanks, I hope to use your service for many years to come! I tried your service for 2 quarters and now it's time to subscribe for a full year. I've done well and continue to do better each month. The past four months has paid for a quarterly subscription many times over. Thank You! " Chris G. - Burlington, NC

" Thanks to I netted over $ 1,000 last month - Part Time ! " Don H. - Wichita, KS

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