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What is Channeling Stocks All About?

Channeling stocks are stocks that trade within a certain range between high and low price points for a period of time and may become predictable over time. provides stock charts each week for our members. Our service monitors stocks and identifies those that trade in a channel. We provide a series of these channeling stocks each week for our members. Instead of the old stock market theory of buy and hold, we see an opportunity to buy and sell the same stock over and over again.

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Begin paper trading on the practice page, focusing on stocks above the support level, and use realistic numbers as if trading with real money.

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Buying and selling the same channeling stocks again & again. It is one of the easiest ways to make money in the stock market.


Let us do the work for you at a very low cost. Your time is very valuable, spend your time doing research on the stocks we find.

Find out which stocks are trading in the Channel.

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Channeling Stock

Watch this tutorial for an easy to-follow explanation on how the channeling stocks theory works:

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New to channel stocks, rolling stocks, and all the rest? Let us help you!


Channeling Stocks have a very clear and identifiable historical pattern. Stocks that Channel up and down in repeated waves. Notice in the example how the price Channels from $3.25 to $4.10 per share. Where would you think the price is going next?

These waves may become predictable. If you answered that the price is probably going to go up, you understand the very basic strategy of Channeling Stocks. Look at the chart below and see what actually happened to the price of WNI when we add another 8 days worth of data.

stock market wave theory
wave analysis trading

Frequently Asked Questions:

The USA, Short/Put & Canada Channeling service subscription fees are $29.95 every 30 days; $69.95 every 90 days; or $229.95 annually; or Life Time Membership $349.50.

We do not offer a free trial. We have always held the belief that it would be unfair to our paying customers to give away for free something that they paid to see.

We purposely have left the subscription price low to offset the absence of a free trial.

The complete terms can be found in paragraph 3 of the disclaimer statement.

We do not offer refunds on monthly, quarterly, yearly or on Life Time Membership subscriptions.

We do not give “buy” and “sell” prices.

We are strictly a research firm that provides a listing of stocks in an active channeling pattern for our customers.

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